Four Common Questions about Workers' Compensation in Orlando

Four Common Questions about Workers' Compensation in Orlando

Have you suffered from a workplace injury that leaves you incapable of working for an extended period of time?  Has a work injury caused you to rack up a pile of medical bills that you can't afford to pay?  When you are injured at work, your employers' workers' compensation insurance will likely cover many of the costs associated with your injury.  This typically includes medical bills, wages lost due to the inability to work, and other expenses.  To get a better understanding of how workers' compensation in Orlando works, let's look at a few common questions that can help clear things up.

What is workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation refers to the insurance that an employer holds to protect its employees from workplace injuries.  These injuries can range from slips and falls to auto injuries to even death.  Because workplace safety is essential, most states require employers to have workers' compensation insurance to protect their employees on the job.  This policy usually covers all the expenses related to the injury, which can range from medical expenses to lost wages due to the inability to work during recovery.

What does workers' compensation cover?

When you are injured at work, you are entitled to compensation without actually having to sue your employer.  These policies will kick into place when you are injured at work, even if you may have been at fault for the cause of the injury.   If you are cut at work due to being distracted, you can still receive compensation.  If you make a driving error that causes an accident resulting in injury, you can still be covered.  However, workers' compensation benefits will not include self-inflicted injuries, criminal activity, or violations of company policy.

How are workers' compensation benefits calculated?

When it comes time for you to receive the compensation for your injuries and the expenses that it's caused, you will want to be thorough in presenting your evidence.  Typically, the insurance company will want proof of medical expenses, like bills, co-pays, receipts, and other documents proving proof of care.  They will also take into account the risk classification, which can result in a higher compensation.  Those who work in high-risk jobs, like factories, will receive more of a payout than those with low-risk jobs, like offices.

How quickly can I receive my settlement?

When you are going through the workers' compensation benefits paperwork, it may seem as though you will never see any money.  Although this process may be long, you will be able to receive your benefits quickly as long as you comply with all aspects of the process.  If you need to hire an attorney that can help you fight for your workers' compensation in Orlando, we can make sure that you get your payment sooner.

These are a few common questions that can help you better under the role of workers' compensation insurance in the workplace.  When you work in a job that requires hard labor or puts you at risk for injury on a daily basis, you will want to have workers' compensation insurance to protect you on the job.  If you have recently been injured at work, contact our attorneys to fight for your settlement today.

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