Florida personal injury law allows injury victims to pursue claims for damages against those responsible for these damages. The purpose behind the Florida personal injury legal system is to permit injury victims to be compensated financially after suffering damages due to the negligent or intentional conduct of another.

How do Personal Injury cases originate?


These include situations where a person or company acts in a negligent manner, and that negligence causes harm. Examples include motor vehicle crashes, slip, trip and fall incidents, and workers' compensation (on-the-job) accidents, among other types of cases.

Intentional Torts

These include situations where a person or corporate defendant's intentional conduct causes harm. Examples of this include assault and battery and other intentional harms.

Strict Liability

These include situations where a company can be found liable for injuries without any negligent or intentional wrongdoing. Examples of these types of cases include product liability claims arising from defective products and dog attack cases.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

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