Four Common Workers' Compensation Claims and Injuries

Four Common Workers' Compensation Claims and Injuries

Have you suffered from a work-related injury?  Did this injury leave you with many expensive medical bills, loss of paychecks for missed work, or irreversible damage?  Workers' compensation benefits offered by many employers usually assist in protecting employees from any injuries that occur in the workplace.  At our law offices, our attorneys specialize in workers' compensation in Orlando to serve our clients with the best legal assistance in their case.  We deal with workers' compensation cases for those suffering from a range of personal injuries.  Here are a few of the most common workers' compensation claims and the injuries involved.


Overexertion is a fairly common injury that occurs in the workplace, especially from those doing frequent heavy lifting.  This can cause muscle strains or pulls or back injuries, such as disc slips.  These injuries can range in their severity and pain.  If neglected, these injuries could continue to persist, and if overexertion continues to occur in the workplace, an employee may suffer from permanent damage.  These types of injuries are common in construction, medical, or factories.

Auto Accident Injuries

Many people need to drive as part of their work duties.  Police officers, delivery drivers, and truck drivers all require heavy driving as part of their daily responsibilities.  Whenever they are injured as a result of an auto accident that occurs when they are on the clock, they will be able to fight for workers' compensation benefits.  Accidents can cause a range of injuries that also vary in severity, including brain damage and even death.  If you are performing work-related tasks when you get in your accident, you'll want to contact our attorneys for assistance.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls can actually happen anywhere in the workplace, but they typically occur on wet floors, icy outdoor surfaces, loose carpet or rugs, or even glossy or recently cleaned floors.  These incidents can result in many different types of injuries, such as sprains, breaks, or even traumatic brain injuries.  If this occurs during the work day, you may be eligible for workers' compensation in Orlando.

Struck by an Object

Another common workplace injury is caused by being struck by an object.  This can occur in any type of workplace.  For example, heavy items can fall off a shelf in a hospital, or a retail employee can fall off a ladder onto a display.  There are many scenarios that can cause a range of injuries, such as concussions, breaks, sprains, or even wrongful death.  These are common workers' compensation cases that we work with in Orlando.

These are a few of the most common workers' compensation injuries that occur in the workplace and result in filing a claim to fight for compensation.  Whether employees have lost their wages, lost their ability to work, or even lost a body part, they want to trust our attorneys specializing in workers' compensation in Orlando to serve their goal.  Contact us today to hear about our expertise and qualifications to fight for what you deserve.

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