Four Steps to Take When You Are Injured on the Job

Four Steps to Take When You Are Injured on the Job

Have you recently suffered an injury while you were working?  Have you been injured as a result of an occurrence that happened at work?  When you are injured on the job, you will likely qualify for compensation from your employers.  At the time you were hired, you were given information about their insurance and the coverages and protection that it offers employees, which provides you with safety while working.  Workers' compensation in Orlando entitles you to compensation for any work-related injury.  This settlement can range from payment for missed time from work, medical coverage, therapy or rehab treatments, or even permanent loss of work.  When you are injured on the job, there are four steps you need to take to qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Seek Medical Treatment

As soon as you are injured, you will need to seek medical treatment for the injuries you've sustained.  This may involve finding the first aid kit or going to the emergency room, depending on the extent of the injuries.  You will want to be seen by a medical professional in order to determine whether you need to have a course of treatment, have surgery, or go to therapy in order to fully heal.  All of this information is critical in assessing the extent of your injuries for future compensation.

Notify Your Supervisor

After you stabilize from your medical treatment, you should notify your supervisor of your injuries and the information surrounding its occurrence.  You will need to detail how you sustained your injuries, what equipment or tools were involved, and if there were any people on the scene with you as witnesses to the accident.  This information will go into a report that can assist with the legal process when choosing the right compensation.  The sooner you are able to communicate with your supervisor, the sooner you will be able to find resolution.

Complete Your Claim

After you notify your supervisor and learn of the ramifications of your sustained injury, such as missed work, expensive medical bills, and extensive treatment, you will want to file your workers' compensation claim.  During this process, you will want to trust the advocates for workers' compensation in Orlando to represent you during this legal process.

Attend All Hearings

During the legal process, you want to be sure to attend all the meetings and hearings that discuss your case.  You and your attorney will want to be there in person to make sure there is a voice advocating for you and what you deserve.  You will typically meet with your employer's insurance representation, as they will be taking care of your settlement.

These are four important steps you need to take when you are on the job if you wish to qualify for workers' compensation in Orlando.  When you do suffer from an injury, you want to be sure that you get the proper documentation to support your case.  This will help maximize the information and evidence that will inform your settlement.  Contact us to hear about how our attorneys can assist with your workers' compensation case today.

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