How to Prevent Personal Injuries in Sports by Warming Up

How to Prevent Personal Injuries in Sports by Warming Up

Recreational sports and athletics are supposed to be a fun, entertaining way to spend your time, but they can sometimes lead to life-altering injuries that leave athletes with impairments.  Sports injuries are some of the common cases of personal injury.  Whenever an athlete suffers from an injury that deems them unable to play their sport or to move properly, they may consider filing a personal injury claim to receive a settlement.  As a personal injury attorney in Orlando, we assist many clients to get the settlements they deserve from their personal injury cases.  Athletes are strongly advised to protect themselves from common injuries by performing warm up routines, resting when necessary, and healing before playing their sport.  There are a few reasons why a warm up routine is critical in preventing sports injuries that can result in massive personal injury claims.

Increases Flexibility

When you are constantly using your muscles in a repetitive manner, tension will increase.  This tension can lead to injury if not released.  Stretching can do just that.  By stretching, you can increase your range of motion and flexibility of joints and muscles, releasing the tension that could otherwise lead to harmful injuries.  Range of motion is important to successful athletic performances because it allows you to feel looser and easily, and safely, maneuver on the field.

Improves Athletic Performance

When you stretch, you are preparing your body for physical exertion.  Regular stretching prior to athletics can help to loosen up your muscles, increase range of motion, and increase blood flow to muscles, joints, and tendons that will need energized for your athletics.  Using proper stretching techniques before athletics is critical to improving your performance, because you don't want to engage in improper techniques or introduce new exercises that could actually hinder your overall athletic performance.  Be sure to consult a trainer or sports medicine physician to receive the right exercises for your sport.  

Helps Heal

Stretching after an intense athletic performance is also critical.  This helps to repair and rejuvenate your muscles and joints from the blast of physical exertion.  Relaxing and recuperating your muscles is critical in ensuring the longevity of your athletic career.  Stretching also works to decompress your back, while accelerating recovery of your muscles and joints.

Relieves Stress

When you are stretching, your body is delivering oxygen to those sore muscles or regions of the body your exercises are targeting.  Oxygenating your body gives you an overall relaxed feeling.  This helps to minimize stress and anxiety that can build up prior to an athletic performance, such as a big game or competition.  Stress can often tighten up your muscles, which can then lead to injury.  By engaging in regular stretching, you can minimize stress and avoid injuries.

Improves Posture and Balance

While stretching can improve your overall flexibility, it can also work to regain balance and adjust your posture.  When you stretch, your back will have to do work.  By stretching your back regularly, you will be able to increase blood flow and activity to loosen up those tightened muscles.  Over time, this will improve your balance and posture.

These are some of the main reasons why athletes need to incorporate a warm up routine into their sports.  Stretching and warming up can spare any athlete from a devastating injury that can leave them with limited mobility, brain damage, or other impairments.  If you suffer from a sports injury that has resulted in a lasting personal injury, you will want the guidance of our professional personal injury attorney in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our services today.

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