What Should I Do When I've Been Bit by a Dog?

What Should I Do When I've Been Bit by a Dog?

Did you know that dog bites are some of the most common causes of personal injury lawsuits?  Many people have dogs because of their furry companionship and loyalty, and many times, this is the case.  However, there are sometimes incidents that cause even the best trained dog to become angry, territorial, or frightened and unfortunately bite someone else.  When this happens to you, you'll want to trust the best personal injury attorney in Orlando to work through your case to get you the compensation you deserve for your suffering.  There are a few steps you should follow when you've been bit by a dog in your neighborhood.

Stay Calm

Anytime you are around an animal, you should always try to stay as calm as possible.  Outrage and anger can cause the dog to continue with their aggressive behavior.  Overreacting in front of the dog can cause much more harm than good, which can result in additional stress or injuries.

Seek Medical Treatment

After you suffer from a bite, you will first want to administer first aid to the wound.  Stop the bleeding and prevent infection with over-the-counter medications in your first aid kit.  You will want to schedule a visit with your doctor so they can assess the wound.  If the wound is severe and deep, you may want to head to your local emergency room.  It is important to document the wound by seeking medical treatment or taking pictures should you choose to file a lawsuit.

Find Out if the Dog is Vaccinated

If you can, find out as much information about the dog as you possibly can.  It is especially important to determine whether the dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations.  If you cannot locate this information, you may need to start painful rabies vaccinations as a precaution.

File a Police Report

If your wound is severe, painful, or requires expensive medical treatment, you may want to consider filing a report with the police.  They will be able to alert the community of the danger this dog poses, which will prevent anyone else from getting injured.  Also, this will create a paper trail that you can use when you file a lawsuit for any compensation.

Contact an Attorney

When you choose to file a lawsuit to recoup compensation for pain and suffering or medical expenses, you will want to hire a personal injury attorney in Orlando to assist with your lawsuit.  We can help you with your legal concerns and properly address the matter in the courts so that you can receive the compensation you need to move on with your life.

These are a few steps you'll want to follow when you've suffered from a dog bite from a dog in your community.  Whether you know the dog or not, you will want to be sure that you take the right measures to ensure your safety and move on with your life.  This may involve filing a lawsuit for any medical expenses, and you'll want to hire the best personal injury attorney in Orlando to help with this.  Contact us to schedule your consultation with our experienced personal injury attorneys today.

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