9 Signs You Need to Hire a Worker's Compensation Attorney

9 Signs You Need to Hire a Worker's Compensation Attorney

If you were injured or exposed to a work-related illness, you are likely entitled to compensation through Worker's Compensation Insurance. An attorney skilled in worker's compensation in Orlando can assist you when you need a lawyer to represent you.

How your company's insurance carrier handles your worker's compensation claim will determine whether it's in your best interest to hire an attorney. Here are signs that you need an attorney for your case:

Your employer doesn't take your injury seriously.

Anytime you're injured on the job, it is essential to notify your employer and start the recording process immediately. Your company must work with you to provide the proper paperwork, report your case to the state workers comp board, and file a claim with their insurance carrier. Reporting regulations and deadlines can vary from state to state, but your employer should typically take no longer than 30 days to complete this process. Hiring a personal worker's compensation attorney to represent you may be essential if your employer doesn't start this process right away.

Your employer or insurance carrier denies the injury happened at work.

Employers and insurance companies often deny that injuries happen at work if they have gone unreported. However, sometimes an injury starts small and is aggravated further from working and eventually becomes a more severe issue. Denying that work caused an illness can happen when the long-term effects of exposure to something at work results in a disease. If this happens to you, it is time to hire a worker’s comp attorney.

Your doctor recommends treatment, and the insurance company refuses to pay for it.

When your work-related injury recovery requires rehabilitation visits, insurance companies don't always think they are necessary. It is a common practice for an insurance company to refuse to pay for such services. When this happens, you should contact an attorney immediately.

When you suffer a disability that prevents you from returning to your regular work duties.

Permanent disability claims are more likely to be contested by insurance companies because they are the most expensive to compensate. Be sure to contact an attorney if you suffer partial or total permanent disability.

If an insurance company denies your claim.

When appealing a claim denial that you feel is legitimate, it is crucial to get the expert advice of an attorney.

You have a pre-existing condition.

If you already had back problems before lifting that heavy box, an insurance company will likely blame your new pain on the past injury. However, because you'll have to provide evidence to prove otherwise, hiring an attorney to represent you is essential.

The settlement offer doesn't cover medical bills and lost wages.

Many worker's comp settlements are for permanent disability benefits that are based on a rating system determined by the doctor examining you. When an insurance company doesn't agree with the rating a doctor gives you, it may require you to have an independent medical exam by a doctor of its choice. The insurance company’s doctor will likely give you a lower rating than what you might deserve. A professional attorney can do what it takes to help convince a judge that you are entitled to a higher rating.

Your employer retaliates against you.

If you are pressured to return to work too soon, have your hours cut, or are fired or demoted, a lawyer can argue that the penalties used against you are unwarranted.

You plan to file for Social Security Disability benefits.

Worker's comp benefits can reduce Social Security Disability benefits, but an experienced lawyer can help structure a settlement to minimize or eliminate the reduction.
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