Five Questions to Help You Better Understand Workers' Compensation in Orlando

Five Questions to Help You Better Understand Workers' Compensation in Orlando

Have you recently been injured at work?  Do you have a work-related injury that has caused pain, suffering, lost wages, or even loss of life?  When you have lost money, time off work, mobility, or other aspects of your life, you will likely want to receive compensation for the injury you've suffered.  As an attorney that specializes in workers' compensation in Orlando, we can help negotiate the case so you get the settlement you deserve.  There are a few questions that can help you better understand the terms of workers' compensation and how the settlement works.

Do I receive my compensation settlement in one payment?

This is actually up to you and the terms you choose.  You can choose the Compromise and Release method, which is when you receive all of your compensation at one time and closing your case. This way, you will receive a lump sum settlement and the case will be closed forever.  The other option is a Stipulation settlement.  This allows you to be paid for your disability or injury, and it also ensures that your future medical treatments are covered as long as you are getting them.

How much do I receive and how much do I pay my attorney?

To fully understand the amount of money that will end up in your pocket, you need to talk to your attorney about the net settlement.  This is the amount of money that you will receive after all court fees and attorneys' fees are paid.

How long does the settlement process take?

Although many people don't like to hear this, it can actually take months, or even years, to settle your case.  Once the process starts, your attorney can give you a better idea of the timeframe.  

Should I negotiate the first offer?

Insurance companies may offer an initial settlement offer that is relatively low.  They do this in attempts to save money.  However, you can negotiate this offer with the help of your attorney.  They will be able to fight for the settlement that you deserve.  If the case needs to go to trial, they will be able to advise you using all the facts, information, and their experience.

Do I need a workers' compensation judge?

All workers' compensation lawsuits will need to be handled by a special judge.  These are called WCAB judges, and they work primarily on these types of cases.  They have the expertise to know that all settlements meet specific requirements and are beneficial to the injured party.  This judge is necessary because it ensure that both parties and their attorneys are going to present all information needed without hiding anything.  

These are some of the questions that will help you better understand more information about workers' compensation settlements.  When you are injured at work, you will want to trust the best attorney in workers' compensation in Orlando to help you with your case.  Contact Adam Littman to hear about our experience and reputation today.

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