Five Steps to Prevent Construction Worker Injuries on the Job

Five Steps to Prevent Construction Worker Injuries on the Job

Did you know that construction worker injuries account for 20% of work-related injuries?  Did you know that many of these injuries are preventable?  When it comes to injuries sustained on the construction jobsite, there can be some steps taken to prevent them from ever happening.  When employers take these steps, they can protect their construction workers no matter how difficult or dangerous the job may be.

Provide Adequate Fall Protection

The main causes of construction site injuries are four things:  falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, and getting stuck in between large objects or materials.  To avoid fall-related injuries, employers can provide the right fall protection.  When workers are working on tall or high projects, they should have adequate fall protection underneath them.  This involves the installation of guardrails, barricades, clear markings, and signage.  By being aware of areas that may be unsafe, you can prevent accidents from occurring.  

Wear the Right Gear

It is imperative to provide your construction workers with the right safety gear for their job.  Hard hats, secure shoes or boots, reflective vests, and eye coverings are just a few safety apparel items that you will want to provide each one of your employees.  Hard hats will protect them from falling objects, which can cause TBIs with lasting negative health effects.  Reflective gear is important when working in dark areas or at night.

Install Safety Guards for Falling Objects

Although your construction workers will be wearing hard hats, you still want to prevent falling objects from striking them.  This involves installing screens, toe boards, and canopies that can catch falling objects if they do fall.  By installing these features, you protect both employees working with these objects and employees that are working at lower heights in the job.

Inspect Scaffolding

You will want to inspect the scaffolding on your jobsite each day.  Even if you left the jobsite in great condition the day before, you still need to ensure that your scaffolding is safe and secure at the start of each day.  Certain elements can affect the security of your scaffolding, like weather or time.  By assuming the scaffolding was unharmed overnight, you can sustain injuries that are preventable if this wasn’t the case.

Adjust Lanyards and Safety Lines

When your construction workers are suspended or working at high heights, you need to adjust the lanyards and safety lines to ensure their safety.  In the event of a fall, you need to make sure that their lines will prevent them from a full fall.  They should stop the fall before they hit any nearby structures, objects, or the ground.

By taking these steps, you can protect your construction workers from sustaining injuries while on their jobsites.  If you have been injured on a construction job, you will likely want to receive workers’ compensation in Orlando.  Contact our attorneys to hear how we can help you with your case today.

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