Five Steps to Take to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Five Steps to Take to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Have you recently been injured at work?  Are you looking to seek compensation for injuries sustained as a result of work-related activity?  Being injured at work may not always be preventable, especially if you work in a dangerous field or industry.  Because of the dangers present at work, you are likely eligible for benefits for workers’ compensation in Orlando.  If you are looking for compensation to cover expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, or life-altering disabilities, you will want to file a claim.  These are a few steps that you can expect when you file a workers’ compensation claim.

Seek Medical Treatment

Before you even consider filing a claim, you will want to seek medical treatment immediately for your injuries.  To prevent any further damage, you want to go to the hospital or doctor to be treated.  By waiting for medical care, you can damage your chances at getting full compensation for your injuries.  Anytime you are injured at work, no matter how severe or mild, you should book an appointment with a medical professional to gain full understanding of the extent of your injuries.

Talk to Your Employer

As soon as you can, you need to communicate the injury to your employer.  Reporting this injury within a certain period is also critical in ensuring that you will qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.  Even if you have only suffered from a mild injury, you should report this injury to your employer if it becomes more extensive over time.  A written notification is required to prove that your employer was notified, and this is essential in filing your claim.

Request Your Claim

Once you communicate the injury to your employer, they will typically provide you with the official claim.  This claim will detail information such as the nature and location of your injury, the time and date of your injury, any potential witness, the cause of the accident, and the medical treatment you sought after the injury occurred.

Have Your Employer File the Claim

Once you fill out this paperwork, your employer has a duty to follow through with their insurance company to provide you with workers’ compensation.  Their insurer will then evaluate the claim and provide you with the information about the settlement that you deserve.

Talk to an Attorney for Workers’ Compensation in Orlando

Once the claims are filed, your job is done – for now.  Before you start the legal process, you will want to secure a trusted and reputable attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation in Orlando.  We will work with you to help you through the difficult legal process and negotiate on your behalf.  To get the settlement and compensation you need to cover the extent of your injury, you will want to trust the professionals to handle your case.

These are a few of the steps that you can expect to encounter when you file a claim for your workers’ compensation in Orlando.  If you are looking for an attorney with experience and expertise in this field, contact the team at Adam Littman to hear more today.

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