Four Common Injuries that Occur on Construction Job Sites

Four Common Injuries that Occur on Construction Job Sites

Have you been hurt while on the job?  Construction workers are prone to injuries while they are working on the site because of all the hazards and dangers present on the job site.  However, it is important to note that construction workers are also some of the most protected employees, as they have strong insurance that will kick in for workers' compensation in Orlando.  Our attorneys are trained to handle these situations and represent our clients when they are working through their deserved settlement.  These are some common injuries that can occur on construction job sites.


Construction workers risk being seriously injured in the event that they fall from great heights.  Their job requires them to stand on beams, hoist heavy materials, work on scaffolding, and do many other tasks while also being flights off the ground.  This can lead to falls that may result in extreme injury.  Because of these risks, construction workers need to wear protective gear to help stabilize and protect them in case of these events.

Hit with Fallen Objects

There are many moving parts to a construction zone.  Different teams of people are all working together to finish the job as soon and as safely as possible.  Sometimes, these moving parts clash and it can cause an accident.  Workers may become hit by fallen objects that weren't properly secured down.  This can cause a range of injuries, from traumatic brain injuries to broken limbs.  Equipment, supplies, and materials should all be secured as safely as possible when you are working above others.


Construction zones are full of unsecured wires that may pose electrical risks to the workers.  Although they are well-trained on these hazards, electrocutions are still possible.  If the wiring is faulty or the materials interact with the wiring in hazardous way, this can lead a worker to be shocked or electrocuted on the job.  Electrocution causes a host of injuries, from nerve to brain damage.

Mishandling Equipment

Construction workers need to handle many different machines and heavy-duty equipment.   This equipment needs to be properly handled in order to keep everyone on the job site safe.  However, accidents can still happen, causing people to crash their machines, roll them over, or even get stuck between equipment.  When these accidents occur, they range in severity from minor to even fatal.  It is important that construction workers always take extra precaution to learn the proper ways to handle the supplies and equipment to avoid accidents in the workplace.

These are some of the most common injuries that can occur on construction job sites that lead people to consider filing for workers' compensation benefits.  When you are looking for an attorney that can represent you during your case, you will want to trust the experts in workers' compensation in Orlando.  Contact Adam Littman to schedule a consultation today.

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