Four Factors to Consider about Your Slip and Fall Personal Injury

Four Factors to Consider about Your Slip and Fall Personal Injury

Have you recently suffered from an injury related to a slip and fall accident?  Do you hold the property manager or homeowner at fault for your accident?  When you slip and fall on ice, puddles of water, recently waxed floors, or other hazards that could have been cleaned properly, you may have a case.  Someone else's negligence may have caused your accident and your subsequent injury, and you will want to work with a personal injury attorney in Orlando to build your case.  There are a few important pieces of information to consider when forming your case around your slip and fall accident.

What Caused the Fall

Consider the elements that have contributed to your accident.  Did you fall on a patch of ice?  Were the floors recently mopped?  Was there a puddle of water on the floor?  When you can identify the cause of your accident, you will be able to provide that information to your attorney so they can work to determine the liability.  Identifying what caused your fall is one of the first steps toward recognizing whether someone else's neglect led to your accident.

How Long the Hazard Was Present

After you determine the cause of your fall, think about how long that hazard was present.  Do you think that it was just there that day?  Has it been there for months?  Although you may not have access to this information, try to think of other times that you have been to that place and noticed the hazard.  Typically, trips and falls are caused by accidents that occur as a result of a new hazard that is only there for a temporary time.  However, it is still up to the property manager to ensure that these areas are kept safe to avoid accidents just like these.

If the Property Manager Knew about the Hazard

Do you have any reason to believe that a property manager was purposefully neglecting that specific hazard?  If the property manager failed to properly attend to any hazards, such as water, ice, or waxed floors, then they may be liable to pay for your medical bills, missed wages, and any other pain and suffering.

If Warning or Safety Signs Were Present

If the property manager had placed signs around the hazard, you will want to know about that.  These signs can indicate that the property manager was, in fact, not responsible for neglecting the hazard.  In fact, when you see safety signs and ignore them, you will be at fault for any accident that occurred as a result.  However, if you tripped and fell because of the lack of safety signs or clean-up of that particular hazard, the manager of the property will likely be found liable for neglecting proper care of the facility.  

These are a few of the factors that you'll want to consider when you are building your case for your injury caused by a slip and fall incident.  If you believe that someone else is liable for your injury, talk to an expert personal injury attorney in Orlando to work on your case.  Contact the professionals at Adam Littman to hear how we can help you get the compensation you deserve today.

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