Four Mistakes to Avoid Making after a Car Accident

Four Mistakes to Avoid Making after a Car Accident

Have you recently been in a car accident that resulted in injury?  Were you at fault for your accident? When you are in a car accident and one or more of the parties have been injured, you may find yourself in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit.  Car accidents are some of the most common reasons why people may file lawsuits so they can receive compensation to help with their medical expenses, missed wages, or pain and suffering.  As a personal injury attorney in Orlando, we help many people with their lawsuit so they get the money they need and deserve.  However, when you get in a car accident, there are a few mistakes that you will want to avoid making in the hours or days afterwards.

Be Sure to Seek Medical Attention

One of the main mistakes that people make when they have been in a car accident is to refuse medical treatment.  People assume that there is nothing wrong with them in the moments after an accident, and they decline medical attention.  This means that if they were to have issues later, they would not be taken into account.  Insurance companies will look on this negatively, and they may even use it against you in the court of law.  

Be Sure to Gather Evidence

Start gathering evidence right away so that you can begin building your case.  Even if you aren't sure if this case will actually go to trial, you will want to protect yourself by getting as much information as possible.  This is something you should start doing right after you have sought medical attention.   Take photos with your camera, ask questions, and write down license plate numbers and visual elements of the scene.

Be Sure to Call the Cops

Sometimes, people don't call the police to the scene of a car accident unless there is a large amount of damage or the cars are able to be driven away.  However, you will want to call the police so they can have your accident on record, no matter how small.  When the police come, they will be able to create a police report that will go into the record.  This can provide you with the evidence that will be helpful to your insurance company during any settlement process.

Be Sure to Say No to a Low Settlement

Insurance companies are looking to pay as little as possible so that they can keep as much money in their own pockets.  For this reason, they may offer a lower first settlement in hopes that it will be accepted.  However, you will to fight for what you deserve by not accepting any settlement that is lower than what is fair.  

These are a few of the mistakes that many people make when they are in a car accident.  To avoid accepting a low settlement or even making the process more difficult, you will want to follow the advice of a personal injury attorney in Orlando.  Contact us to hear how we can help you get the settlement you deserve today.

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