5 Qualities to Look for in Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

5 Qualities to Look for in Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you are injured at work, you not only need to deal with the recovery of the injury, but you also may find yourself in the middle of a court battle. Workers’ compensation in Orlando entitles you to medical expenses, missed wages, and more compensation to cover any costs related to your work injury. When you have trouble getting that money, you may need to find an attorney to fight for what you deserve. These are a few qualities to ensure that you find the best attorney for your workers’ compensation case.


When it comes to workers’ compensation cases, you want to find an attorney that is professional and unbiased.  These matters may deal with emotional battles, as medical problems often bring up these feelings or troubles.  For this reason, you want to work with an individual that will hear your side of the story and fight for what you need.  After all, you are the one hiring them.   You also do not want an attorney that will cause issues with either party in the negotiations, as this can cause more harm than good. 


We hire professionals because we expect them to be up to date on the current laws in our state, legal processes, and documentation to ensure everything runs smoothly, and familiarity with negotiation tactics and strategies.  By choosing a knowledgeable attorney, you will be positioned much better to have the results you are looking for in your case.

Experienced with Situations Like Yours

Workers’ compensation lawyers handle many different types of cases.  You need to take your time to find the right f lawyer that specializes in your case.  Some attorneys have a well-rounded background, but others have more of a niche.  Choose those who specialize in your case so that you are in the best position possible for your situation.  They will be more familiar with negotiation strategies, legal documents, and court proceedings so they can advocate for you during these complicated situations.

Great Mediation Skills

Some workers’ compensation cases can be settled in mediation, which saves you a lot of money from court fees.  This prevents the need for lengthy and bitter court proceedings with your employer’s insurance company, and it also saves you from having to pay even more expensive attorneys’ fees.  It is important that attorneys have great mediation skills for difficult cases that may not be as easy to settle. 

Timely Responses and Great Communication

Legal processes may seem like they take forever because they can be mentally draining.  However, working with a timely and efficient lawyer can make all the difference.  To settle your case faster, you need to rely on professionals that can work efficiently, rely on their team of attorneys and paralegals for assistance, and meet any documentation deadlines.

These are a few important qualities to look for when you need legal representation for your workers’ compensation in Orlando. If you are looking for an experienced attorney for your case, contact the team at Adam Littman to get started with us today.

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