5 Reasons to Report an Employee’s Workers Compensation Claim Quickly

5 Reasons to Report an Employee’s Workers Compensation Claim Quickly

It is essential to report workers' compensation claims quickly as an employer. While reporting your employee’s claim late will not affect their benefits, it can negatively impact the claims process and cost you more money in the long run. Our experts on worker’s compensation in Orlando explain a few reasons you should not wait to report an employee’s claim:

Late reporting jeopardizes claim investigation

Over time, it becomes more challenging for your insurance carrier to investigate the claim and gather critical evidence to determine the cause and extent of your employee's injury. In addition, gathering proof early in the process makes it easier to dispute the claim if it is false, less severe than reported, or the fault of a careless or reckless employee. On the other hand, waiting to report the claim may make disputing the claim considerably more challenging because of a lack of evidence.

Late reporting may increase the cost of the claim

In most cases, the employer cost of a workers' compensation claim increases with each day you fail to report. For example, studies confirm that claims reported a week to two weeks after the injury cost an employer 18% more than those filed within the first week. Worse yet, claims reported between 15 and 28 days of the incident cost 30% more than those reported promptly.

Late reporting lowers employee morale

When you fail to report a workers' compensation claim for proper handling, the employee involved may feel like you do not care about their needs and well-being. They often feel neglected and undervalued because you fail to recognize the seriousness of their injury. Late reporting often results in a disgruntled employee with little motivation to come back to work, or worse, an employee who is highly motivated to fight for the largest settlement possible as revenge.

Late reporting increases the potential for litigation

The longer it takes to settle a claim, the more likely you will face litigation. It gives an employee time to seek additional medical advice, hire a workers compensation attorney, or begin feeling like you are dragging your feet as a form of retaliation against them for filing the claim. This is not a good look because an employee who feels like you are against them often digs in their heels to fight you for what they think they deserve. Swift resolution is best for everyone involved. Employees get the support they need to recover and feel valued by their employer, and employers generally end up paying less for the claim overall.

Late reporting may violate state law

Every state has regulations regarding workers' compensation claim reporting. For example, employers must report workplace injuries within seven days of employer reporting in Wisconsin. Know your state's reporting regulations to avoid legal issues and increased claim costs.

These are just a few reasons you should report your employee's workers' compensation claim right away. And if you have been injured on the job, call us today for legal representation. When it comes to workers' compensation in Orlando, we know the law.

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