Common injuries for Workers Compensation Claims

Common injuries for Workers Compensation Claims

Injuries on the job can happen in any industry at any time, harming both employers and employees. Workers Compensation Insurance is designed to help employees recover and receive proper medical care. However, there are various illnesses and injuries that can result in a claim for workers' compensation. Our experts offer the following common injuries leading to claims for worker's compensation in Orlando.


A laceration is a deep tear or cut in the flesh or skin. These injuries can happen in almost any industry but are most common in food production, machine shops, manufacturing, and restaurants. In addition, lacerations often occur when employees hurry to finish a job, aren't wearing proper safety gear, or lose concentration. Advise employees never to leave tools or equipment unattended and keep their work areas clean to avoid lacerations. Employers should educate their employees on wearing proper PPE during their duties. If an employee uses a blade or knife for work duties, an employer should always replace dull blades to help reduce potential injuries whenever necessary.

Strains and sprains

Strains are torn or stretched muscles or tendons, and sprains are torn or stretched ligaments. Any pulling, falling, or twisting can cause strain or sprain injuries. These injuries are typically caused by ergonomics or improper lifting in the workplace. You and your employees should be familiar with the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration ergonomic guidelines and lifting guidelines to ensure a reduced potential for strains and sprains.


Marks on the skin or bruises caused by blood being trapped under the skin's surface that crushes small blood vessels without opening the skin are contusions. Contusions are typically caused when employees run into things, use improper lifting, or drop objects. Employers should conduct regular training to review environmental awareness and proper ergonomics, which usually prevent contusion injuries. In addition, employees should properly assess a piece of equipment or object's weight before attempting to move it and stay aware of their surroundings.


Tissue injuries caused by radiation, sunlight, steam, electricity, chemicals, or heat lead to burns. Burns are common in production, manufacturing, and restaurants, especially when bases, acids, or heat sources are included in job duties. In addition, internal burns can happen from inhaling chemical fumes or smoke. Therefore, employers should educate their employees on the proper use of heat sources and chemical storage. In addition, management should regularly train employees on treating thermal, electrical, chemical, and sun exposure burns.

Eye injuries

Employers should provide face and eye protection to protect against radiological, environmental, and chemical hazards or mechanical irritants. Management should complete workplace hazard assessments regularly and train employees who require face or eye protection. Work safety training will help employees foresee and evade injury from work-related hazards.


A fracture is a break in the bone due to overuse or forced trauma. Fractures are more common in jobs involving heavy machines and equipment or manual labor. Fractures can occur in any industry. However, ergonomics and proper training can prevent fractures in the workplace. In environments where it is common to move heavy equipment, spotting or increased supervision by other employees is another level of prevention.

Continuous or cumulative trauma

This injury involves the degradation of muscles, joints, tendons, or body parts due to repeated tasks over long periods. Workers who have long-term careers in positions requiring manual labor often have these injuries. Therefore, proper recovery and training between injuries is an integral part of trauma, present, prevention.

Workers Compensation Insurance helps protect employees by covering lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and medical expenses when they incur a work-related illness or injury. It also provides coverage to families of employees who died from work-related illnesses or injuries.

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