Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury attorney can assist you in receiving compensation for economic, emotional, or physical hardship you have endured due to an accident. According to studies, nearly 30 million people seek medical attention in emergency rooms for accidental injuries per year. Whether medical malpractice, workplace injury, or auto accidents, unintentional injuries will interrupt your life due to someone else's negligence, and you should be compensated.

It can be a challenge to navigate the legal system. That's why it is essential to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney who can help you get the best case outcome. Our personal injury attorney in Orlando offers the following types of common injuries in personal injury cases that you should hire a lawyer to handle. These personal injury claims are heard by judges or settled by the thousands annually. In some cases, victims reclaim vast amounts of money due to their hardships. Still, many personal injury claims never get filed due to injured individuals not finding proper representation. From product liability to auto accidents, here are the most common personal injury cases in the United States.

Auto accident injury

If you are in an auto accident due to another driver's negligence, contact an attorney right away. Whether the accident involved reckless driving, speeding, or drunk driving, you will have to prove it if it was another person's fault. In many cases, auto accident claims are he said she said scenarios. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney who can use their negotiating and trial experience to locate evidence and use professional relationships to help your case have the best possible outcome. The best personal injury attorneys can help with auto-related accidents, including bicycle accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are widespread personal injury claims, especially in the elderly. From broken railings to wet floors, you should be adequately compensated if you have an injury that resulted from another person's negligence.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is more common than most people want to believe. While doctors take an oath not to harm, they sometimes fall short on this critical responsibility. Medical malpractice injuries can be debilitating, and victims should be reimbursed for their financial, physical, and emotional hardships. Common medical malpractice types include surgical errors, anesthesia errors, failure to treat, medication errors, childbirth problems, delayed diagnosis, and misdiagnosis.

Workplace injuries

Businesses are often negligent when it comes to worker safety. Unfortunately, this type of injury can lead to significant damages that sabotage a victim's opportunity to earn a decent living forever. Seek immediate medical attention if you have an on-the-job injury, and immediately report your injury to a supervisor. Then take photos to gather evidence of the accident, collect the names of people involved, and ask for a copy of the accident report made by your supervisor about the incident. Ask a co-worker to help you if you cannot do any of this because the more information you have available, the better your case will go. Then contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you get compensation for your injury.

Wrongful death

When a negligent personal injury leads to a loved one's death, you can file a wrongful death suit. Family members should not have the burden of funeral or medical expenses after a loved one's death from an accident. This makes it critical to seek the advice of a qualified attorney if you have lost a loved one due to someone else's neglect or carelessness.

Product liability

These claims happen when a manufacturer or seller causes an injury to a purchaser due to a design flaw or manufacturing defect. While these claims aren't as common as other claims listed above, they often lead to large payouts, and a single case can affect thousands of victims. So don't try to go it alone or deal with insurance companies if you've been injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence.

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