Four Potential Workers' Compensation Claims

Four Potential Workers' Compensation Claims

Have you experienced a work-related injury that left you with numerous costly medical bills, loss of wages for missed labor, or irreversible damage? Workers' compensation concessions offered by most employers usually help protect workers from any injuries occurring in the workplace. At our law office, our lawyers specialize in workers' compensation in Orlando to benefit our clients with the finest legal service available for their case. We handle workers' compensation lawsuits for individuals suffering from a span of personal damages. Here are a few of the most typical workers' compensation suits and injuries.

Getting struck by an object

One typical workplace wound is generated by being hit by an object. This can happen in any workplace. For instance, heavy objects can fall off a shelf in a clinic, or a retail worker can slip off a ladder onto a display. Many scenarios can cause injuries, such as concussions, broken bones, sprains, or wrongful death. These are ordinary workers' compensation lawsuits that we work with regularly.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slipping, tripping, and falling can honestly occur anywhere in the workplace. Still, these injuries generally happen on wet floors, icy outdoor surfaces, loose carpets or rugs, or even polished or newly installed floors. These accidents can result in many different kinds of injuries, like sprains, broken bones, slipped discs, or even traumatic head injuries. If this happens during the workday, you may be qualified for workers' compensation in Orlando.

Auto Accident Injuries

Many individuals need to drive as part of their work responsibilities. Police officers, delivery people, and over-the-road truck drivers all demand heavy driving as a component of their daily duties. Whenever they are hurt as a result of an automobile accident that happens when they are on duty, they will be capable of fighting for workers' compensation benefits. Accidents can result in a range of damages that also differ in severity, including brain impairment and even death. If you are completing work-related tasks when you get in an accident, you'll need to contact our lawyers for help.


Overexertion is a relatively common injury that happens in the workplace, particularly from those doing routine heavy lifting. It can induce muscle strains, pulls, or back problems, such as disc slips. These damages can range in their severity and pain. However, if neglected, these damages will continue to endure, and if overexertion persists in occurring in the workplace, an employee may experience enduring damage. These kinds of injuries are standard in construction, medical facilities, or factories.

These are a few of the most familiar workers' compensation damages in the workplace and result in filing a suit to fight for a settlement. Whether workers have lost their earnings, capacity to work, or even lost a body part, they can trust our lawyers specializing in workers' compensation in Orlando to suit their objectives. Contact us today to learn about our expertise and capabilities to fight for what you deserve. We are here to help you get the settlement you are entitled to.

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