Steps to File a Workers' Compensation Claim

Steps to File a Workers' Compensation Claim

Have you or anybody you know ever had a work-related injury? If so, you'll need to be familiar with filing a workers' compensation claim. That is so you can avoid being unfairly treated. The process of submitting a claim for workers' compensation in Orlando might be exhausting without a clear roadmap to follow. For this reason, here is a simple guide to help you secure the compensation you need. To find out how to claim workers' compensation, read on!

Immediately Seek Professional Medical Help

Make sure you get checked out by a doctor before submitting a workers' comp claim. Inquire with your manager, as some workers' compensation policies mandate that injured personnel consult a particular doctor. However, depending on the regulations in your state, you may be able to receive a second opinion if the first one doesn’t satisfy you.

It may be necessary for your workers' compensation claim that you seek medical attention even if you don't feel ill. Remember that a medical report is a foundation for workers' compensation benefits and the formal record of your injury.

Inform Your Employer

Likewise, you should notify your boss promptly about your injury. You have a certain amount of time to report an injury to your employer. However, it's best to let them know as soon as possible. There may be only 30 days to report an issue before the deadline passes. Any workplace incidents should be reported, even if the injured party feels no pain.

In that manner, even if the statute of limitations has passed, you can still submit a claim for damages. Notifying them verbally will not suffice; you must also do it in writing. You can deliver the initial notice over the phone, but you should send a written reminder as soon as possible afterward.

When filing a claim, you can refer to the written notification as evidence. You must do this promptly to retain as much information as possible about the accident. Over time, giving a clear account of what transpired may become more challenging.

During the Workers' Compensation Claims Procedure

Generally speaking, business owners or managers risk legal action, criminal penalties, and fines if they fail to provide workers' compensation insurance.

State and employer size are major factors in determining workers' compensation laws. Anyway, it is illegal for an employer to take any negative action against an employee for filing a workers' compensation claim. As such, businesses have substantial incentives to follow the rules and process all legitimate claims.

Your company will typically report your injury to its insurance provider and the state workers' compensation board. Soon after the insurer reviews your claim, an administrator will let you know whether or not it was approved and how much of the benefits you can expect.

After Submitting Paperwork

After submitting the required papers for your workers' compensation claim, you will have little further involvement. However, keeping precise documents and conducting thorough follow-ups on your claim are still important. For instance, it is helpful to document how the injury has altered your routine. Keep documentation of medical bills, lost wages, and other costs you incurred because of your injury. Your claim will often be appealable if it is denied.

When you want to file a claim for workers’ compensation in Orlando, trust our team of attorneys to work with you and get you the best outcome. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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