The Most Common Injuries That Occur in the Workplace

The Most Common Injuries That Occur in the Workplace

Each year, hundreds of thousands suffer from workplace accidents. Many of these accidents are serious. It is important, as an employee, you are following all safety tips and rules set in place. Even as a business owner, you should be aware of these injuries and seek to prevent them from afflicting your employees.

That being said, no matter how much you prepare for the worst, the worst will still happen. Knowing what to look out for in the workplace is a great way to avoid injury to yourself or co-workers. This is why employers are covered by workers’ compensation in Orlando to protect their employees from workplace injury. These are the most common types of injuries that occur at work.

Trip, Slip, & Fall

The #1 workplace injury occurs due to a trip, slip, or fall. Regardless of your work setting, you are likely to encounter these three threats. If you are working around slick floors, make sure you are wearing proper shoes. Fall injuries occur when you work on ladders or scaffolding. These dangerous areas need to be avoided if possible.

Falling Objects

It can catch you off guard but falling objects can cause serious damage to a person if they are not prepared. While warehouse-type jobs seem like the primary workplace for falling objects, every job faces this risk. The injuries you can sustain from this workplace incident can be nasty and severe. Best way to avoid this is to double check that all items on shelves or high cupboards are secured properly and stored in stable areas.

Repetitive Strain

RSI stands for repetitive strain injury. Repetitive motion off joints can result in this type of injury. Working on keyboards or using the same tool over and over can cause this to happen. It is no joke. If you are working a line job in a factory, cutting ends off of material made, the sheers (scissors) you use can cause this injury. Your hand will be in pain and unable to function normally until it heals.


When you really get into the common workplace injuries, you will start to recognize danger that you have never seen before. Cuts and lacerations are common workplace injuries. These cuts can come from a piece of paper, or paper trimmers. What really leads to lacerations and cuts at work are poor training, poor safety procedures, and failure to use the right protection or safety equipment.

No injury is too small when it hinders your ability to do your job. Workplace injuries may require time to heal and sometimes therapy to recover. Be vigilant and follow all safety protocols at work, and if you suffer an injury, make sure you talk to legal representation if you feel workers’ compensation in Orlando is necessary. Contact the professionals at Adam Littman to hear about how we can help you get the compensation you deserve today!

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