When Do Workers’ Compensation Injuries Warrant Filing a Lawsuit

When Do Workers’ Compensation Injuries Warrant Filing a Lawsuit

Being injured at work is unfortunately a common occurrence that can cause missed wages, piles of medical bills, and even permanent mobility issues. When you are injured in the workplace, you are protected by workers’ compensation in Orlando, which will provide you with healthcare coverage and other losses you have suffered due to your injury. Sometimes, however, you may not get the compensation you need to cover everything. When this occurs, you may be debating whether you should file a lawsuit. These are a few different reasons why you may want to pursue a workers’ compensation lawsuit.

You were injured on the job.

When you are injured in the state of Florida, the workers’ compensation law is no fault. This means that you are entitled to benefits regardless of who or what caused the injury when it occurs in the workplace.  If you suffer an injury from anything from a slip and fall or equipment issue, you can still benefit from the workers’ compensation coverage offered by your employer, no matter the circumstances. If you have difficulty receiving the monetary compensation you deserve, you may want to file a lawsuit with your employer’s insurance company.

You suffer from chronic pain caused by the workplace injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits should cover all medical treatments, medications, and procedures needed to heal and recover from your injury. If your pain persists, you need to talk to your insurance company to pursue additional coverage to continue treatments. When you need to have prolonged medical care, you may need to file a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.

You were told to keep the incident quiet.

Some employers may try to threaten the employee unless they keep the injury quiet from others in the workplace. The employer may ask this to avoid any raised rates in their insurance, but this is also illegal. It is your right to workers’ compensation coverage, no matter the expense it causes to the employer. This is why they have insurance to cover their employees in the first place. If you have been threatened or treated unfairly by your employer after a workplace injury, you want to speak with an attorney to file a lawsuit.

You have delayed reporting your injury to receive compensation.

In the state of Florida, you have up to two years to file for workers’ compensation benefits after an injury occurs in the workplace. If you file for benefits within that time frame, you are eligible for compensation, no matter what anyone says. Your employer may try to avoid this claim, as they may have thought you moved on from this. When you notice the bills start to pile up or you continue to have lasting effects from the injury, you may want to get benefits.

These are a few cases where you find yourself in need of an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation in Orlando. If you want to file a lawsuit to recoup compensation you are entitled to from your workplace injury, trust Adam Littman with your needs.

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