When Should You Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

When Should You Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

Let's start by stating that self-representation is an option that should only be done under specific circumstances. Even then, you should always consult with an attorney if the injury is severe enough. If the following statements are true, then you are probably safe to go at it alone:

  • The Injury Sustained is proven to be caused at work and the employer admits it.
  • Your injury doesn't cause you to miss much or any work.
  • The injury suffered is minor; twisted ankle or cuts requiring only a few stitches.
  • You have no pre-existing conditions that afflict the injured part of your body. Such conditions are best described as injuries that occurred outside of the workplace that can factor into the severity of the injury sustained on the work site.

Even in situations that are not complicated, you should put heavy consideration in consultation from a workers' compensation attorney. However, this doesn't exactly give you a straight answer to the main question, When Should Your Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney for your workplace injury.

Hiring Workers' Comp Lawyers

For starters, know that the insurance company your employers pay do not care about you. They care about their money. That means, giving it up to those who deserve it is a daunting process for them that they will avoid at any and all costs. Never admit fault to the injury. Do not lessen the blow for the sake of your employer. Your health and wellbeing is more important than a company's bottom line. So, when the need arises for a workers' comp attorney, you will see signs that warn you to seek their aid.

For starters, the severity of your injury is enough to determine whether a workers' compensation attorney is required or not. Other factors to consider is the complexity of the case and situation, how your employer approaches the situation, and how their insurance company is handling the case.

Here are the biggest red flags that tell you to hire a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation in Orlando:

  • Employer does not promptly pay you or deny your claim altogether.
  • The injury is caused by misconduct of a third party or your employer.
  • You are not offered what you are owed (Lost Wages, Compensation for work missed due to injury, medical bills are not covered).
  • Your injury not only prevents your ability to return to your previous position, or you find you are unable to work at all for any amount of time after the injury.
  • When you have to consider or apply for Social Security Disability.

When you have been injured at work, you are protected by workers’ compensation benefits that cover everything from medical costs to missed wages. Contact our attorney experienced in workers’ compensation in Orlando to fight for the compensation you truly deserve.

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