When To Contact A Lawyer About A Workplace Injury

When To Contact A Lawyer About A Workplace Injury

Yearly, innumerable people are injured at their workplace in the US. While most of these wounds are minor, some can be significant or even life-threatening. If you are injured at the office, you may wonder whether you should contact a lawyer.

The answer to this matter relies on multiple factors, including the extent of the damage, the workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to, and whether your employer is to blame. This post from our expert on workers' compensation in Orlando will discuss these factors and help you make the most practical choice for your circumstances.

What Qualifies as a Minor Injury?

Many individuals consider a minor injury as not requiring hospitalization or generating long-term impairment. Scrapes, bruises, and sprains generally fall under this classification. If you are injured at the workplace and encounter any of these indications and signs, you should confer with your doctor or seek clinical treatment as quickly as possible.

However, you should still speak to an attorney even if your wounds do not appear excessive because some insignificant injuries can cause lifelong problems. For instance, a small cut on your finger can get infected and result in the loss of that finger. Or, a nominal back injury may become a chronic ailment that forces you into pain for the remainder of your life.

Understanding Workers' Compensation Benefits

You might be qualified for workers' comp benefits if you get injured at your workplace. These benefits can help you cover clinical bills, lost earnings, and other expenses. In addition, these benefits might be available to your household in case of death.

To obtain workers' comp benefits, you must notify your employer of the injury. Afterward, you must file a claim with the state workers' compensation board. Once your insurance claim is accepted, you will begin receiving benefits. However, if your employer denies your insurance claim or you do not qualify for workers' comp benefits, you may still be able to recoup revenue through a personal injury suit.

Seeking Advice From a Workers' Comp Lawyer

As noted above, you should seek advice from a lawyer, even if your wounds seem minimal, because some insignificant injuries can result in long-term problems. In addition, an attorney can advise you of your legal rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you are unsure whether you should contact an attorney, we recommend you speak with one as soon as possible. Many attorneys offer free introductory consultations, so you do have to pay to talk to a lawyer about your injury. Therefore, contacting an attorney if you are injured at the workplace is essential. Even if your wounds seem minor, you might qualify for workers' compensation benefits or have the capability to present an injury lawsuit. In addition, an attorney can guide you on your civil liberties and help you obtain the settlement you deserve.


The answer to this query depends on your injury's severity and the benefits you qualify for under your organization's workers' compensation policy. If you are uncertain about the benefits you are entitled to or have survived a severe injury, you should seek guidance from a knowledgeable workers' compensation lawyer. Contact us today for assistance with workers' compensation in Orlando. We want to help you get the attention you deserve.

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